mother and young daughter high-fiving sitting on living room floor with cleaning products, happy concept of completion

A simple fix for a sparkling home

Does the never-ending cycle of cleaning chores leave you feeling drained and longing for free time?

AI Cleaning Services believes that everybody deserves a clean and comfortable home without needing to sacrifice their precious weekends – That's where our regular cleaning services in East London come in.



Here's what you can expect from our regular cleaning services:

 Sparkling Floors

Our cleaners will tackle both your carpets and hard floors with thorough vacuuming and mopping techniques.

 Dust-free Surfaces

From countertops and shelves to furniture and windowsills, our meticulous cleaners in East London will work to remove dust and grime for a fresh interior.

 Hygienic Bathrooms

Our cleaners in East London will tackle bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks, leaving your bathroom sparking and hygienically fresh.

 Sanitary Appliances

Cleaning routines will include wiping down the exteriors and removing surface dirt of your kitchen appliances for a clean and sanitary space to prepare your meals.